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Nutrition on Tape


Hoarding tracks

Nutrition on Tape is alive and well and living in London. I'm currently hoarding about 5 tracks in order to mix them down into an E.P. ....More soon

Band in a box

This week I've been working on a 'guitar orchestra' sound. There's about 6 guitars on this bit of audio, but I'm looking thicken it up even more.

Time indoors...

Here's a little clip that shows how I make my music. I press buttons...

Thrift Shop + Mud

I was so absorbed in learning how to work my new multitrack recorder that I neglected to tune the guitars for the last bit. I'm a bit dissapointed with that, but that's numberwang for this week anyway

The lucky feeling

Rocking out a bit on Sunday afternoon after a walk in the sunshine. (I clicked the tempo up to 174 bpm for the benefit of DJ Valuetime)


Playing around with a bass guitar


Hard filters, cymbal swell and sad guitar...